Bow Simulator 0.4 released! 04.11.2017

The main new features for this release are

There are also various smaller and larger bug fixes and other improvements. Most notably the robustness of the static simulation methods has increased a lot. Many bow designs that previously would have crashed the simulation are now possible.

Bow Simulator 0.3 released! 04.09.2017

This release introduces a new command line interface for running simulations in batch mode, without opening the GUI. This way Bow Simulator can be called from other programs for performing more advanced computations like parameter studies and optimizations.

The user manual has been updated with detailed specifications of the input and output formats and an example for using Bow Simulator with the Python programming language.

Bow Simulator 0.2 released! 06.08.2017

Did I say the previous version was a complete redesign? Well, here's another one. This time the changes are

Unfortunately there is also some bad news: No more Mac OS support for now. I previously used a virtual machine to compile the Mac version of this program, but it stopped working and I couldn't manage to set it up again (Mac OS can be really tricky without Apple hardware). So in order to not delay this release any further I decided to give up on that for now.

Bow Simulator 0.1 released! 25.12.2016

This is the initial release of Bow Simulator, a complete rewrite and redesign of it's predecessor Bow Simulation Tool. It comes with many improvements such as

The internal redesign of the program lays the groundwork for new features like simulating laminated bows, which is planned for one of the upcoming versions. Thank you for your interest and stay tuned!